Monthly Archives: October 2013

Pro Blues Jam: Jimmy Reed Night 10-02-2013
Larry Vann Band 10-03-2013

Larry Vann Band

Volker Strifler Band 10-04-2013

Volker Strifler Band

Farzad Arjmand 10-06-2013

Farzad Arjmand

West Coast Songwriters Competition 10-08-2013
Drew Harrison 10-09-2013

Drew Harrison

Claudia Vilella 10-11-2013

Claudia Vilella

The Zins 10-12-2013

The Zins

College of Marin Benefit 10-13-2013
Pro Blues Jam 10-16-2013

Pro Blues Jam

Ron E. Beck Soul Revue 10-17-2013
Shahyar Ghanbari 10-18-2013

Shahyar Ghanbari

Tim Hockenberry Trio 10-19-2013
Donald Lacy’s 10-20-2013

Donald Lacy’s

Singer-Songwriter Series 10-22-2013
Pro Blues Jam: Special Guest Night featuring Ira Walker 10-23-2013
The Overcommitments 10-24-2013

The Overcommitments

James Moseley Band 10-25-2013

James Moseley Band

Mari Mac and Livin Like Kings 10-26-2013
Will Russ Band – Evening of Soul 10-27-2013
Pro Blues Jam: Latin Night 10-30-2013

Pro Blues Jam: Latin Night

Soul Power – Halloween Dance Party – 10-31-2013