Monthly Archives: January 2014

Joe Leavy Band 01-02-2014

Joe Leavy Band

Mari Mack and Livin’ Like Kings – B-day Bash 01-03-2014
Kevin Russell – Cream To Clapton 01-04-2014
WCS Youth Benefit Concert 01-05-2014
Singer-Songwriter Series 01-07-2014
Pro Blues Jam: Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute Night 01-08-2014
Tia Carroll 01-09-2014

Tia Carroll

Delta Wires 01-10-2014

Delta Wires

Zydeco Flames 01-11-2014

Zydeco Flames

Blues Burner/Amy Hogan 01-12-2014

Blues Burner/Amy Hogan

Singer-Songwriter Series 01-14-2014
Pro Blues Jam: Special Guest Night featuring Janice Maxie Reid 01-15-2014
Rodney Gregory & Keisha Wright 01-16-2014
Soul Power 01-17-2014

Soul Power

Darryl Anders Agape Soul & Martin Luther 01-18-2014
West Coast Songwriters Competition 01-21-2014
Blues Night: Fenix Anniversary 01-22-2014
Ricky Ray Band 01-23-2014

Ricky Ray Band

Nicolas Bearde Band 01-24-2014

Nicolas Bearde Band

The Pulsators 01-25-2014

The Pulsators

Farzad Arjmand 01-26-2014

Farzad Arjmand

Pro Blues Night: Jam All Night 01-29-2014
Derek Evans 01-30-2014

Derek Evans

April Grisman & Michael Lamacchia Project 01-31-2014