Monthly Archives: March 2014

Wall Street 03-01-2014

Wall Street

Adrianne Serna’s Student Showcase 03-02-2014
Singer-Songwriter Series: Martin Luther & Dirty Cello 03-04-2014
Pro Blues Night: Jam All Night 03-05-2014
Good Karma 03-06-2014

Good Karma

The Sun Kings 03-07-2014

The Sun Kings

The Overcommitments 03-08-2014
Caminos Flamencos 03-09-2014

Caminos Flamencos

Caminos Flamencos

Singer-Songwriter Series: Che Prasad 03-11-2014
Pro Blues Jam: Eric Clapton Tribute Night 03-12-2014
Lee Vilensky Trio 03-13-2014

Lee Vilensky Trio

Terrie Odabi 03-14-2014

Terrie Odabi

The Bobs 03-15-2014

The Bobs

AIM High/Marin Academy 03-16-2014
West Coast Songwriter Competition 03-18-2014
Pro Blues Jam: Special Guest Lady Bianca 03-19-2014
Mic Gillette Band 03-20-2014

Mic Gillette Band

Jose Neto & The Neto Band 03-21-2014
The Zins 03-22-2014

The Zins

Amy Wigton “Mostly Joni” 03-23-2014
Singer-Songwriter Series: Nancy Northrup & The Neighbors 03-25-2014
Pro Blues Jam: Latin Night 03-26-2014

Pro Blues Jam: Latin Night

John Santos Sextet 03-29-2014

John Santos Sextet

Tribe of the Red Horse 03-30-2014