Monthly Archives: June 2014

Amber Morris’ 10th Annual Student Showcase Finals 06-01-2014
Singer-Songwriter Series: Kurt Huger, Adam Traum, Stefanie Keys 06-03-2014
Pro Blues Jam: Stax Music Night 06-04-2014
The Incubators 06-05-2014

The Incubators

Mitch Woods & His Rocket 88s 06-06-2014
Fleetwood Mask 06-07-2014

Fleetwood Mask

Farzad Arjmand 06-08-2014

Farzad Arjmand

Wall Street

West Coast Songwriters Competition 06-10-2014
Pro Blues Jam: Chicago Music Night 06-11-2014
Detroit Disciples 06-12-2014

Detroit Disciples

Chris Cain Band 06-13-2014

Chris Cain Band

Silver Moon Big Band 06-14-2014
Acoustic Showcase with Martin Luther 06-17-2014
Pro Blues Jam: Special Guest Mari Mack 06-18-2014
Derek Evans & Friends 06-19-2014

Derek Evans & Friends

Zepplin Live 06-20-2014

Zepplin Live

Greg Johnson & Glass Brick Boulevard 06-21-2014
Denise Perrier “Unforgettable Dinah Washington” 06-22-2014
Singer-Songwriter Series: Katie Freeman & Chris Chappell (The Incubators) with Tony Benedetti, Stefanie Keys and Pete Delaney 06-24-2014
Pro Blues Jam: Bob Marley Night 06-25-2014
Phil Gates Band 06-26-2014

Phil Gates Band

Delta Wires 06-27-2014

Delta Wires

Caminos Flamencos 06-29-2014

Caminos Flamencos