Monthly Archives: November 2014

Wall Street 11-01-2014

Wall Street

Caminos Flamencos 11-02-2014

Caminos Flamencos

Marin School of the Arts: Fall Jazz Concert 11-04-2014
Pro Blues Jam: Fenix Band Originals 11-05-2014
Groove Dragon 11-06-2014

Groove Dragon

Reckless in Vegas 11-07-2014

Reckless in Vegas

David LaFlamme with It’s a Beautiful Day 11-08-2014
Toulouse Engelhardt and Teja Gerken 11-09-2014
Pro Blues Jam: ’50s Music 11-12-2014

Pro Blues Jam: ’50s Music

Cris Loiter & The Hangouts 11-13-2014
James Moseley Band 11-14-2014

James Moseley Band

Amy Hogan 11-16-2014

Amy Hogan

Spark & Whisper

West Coast Songwriters Competition 11-18-2014
Pro Blues Jam: Craig Caffall 11-19-2014
The 4 Inch Studs 11-20-2014

The 4 Inch Studs

Ray Obiedo & Mistura Fina 11-21-2014
Sugadady 11-22-2014


Gregory James 11-23-2014

Gregory James

Singer-Songwriter Series: Tom Rhodes 11-25-2014
Pro Blues Jam: Best of the Fenix Band 11-26-2014
The Band of Gypsys: A Jimi Hendrix Experience 11-28-2014
Miles Schon Band 11-29-2014

Miles Schon Band

Dee Bell & Marcos Silva Trio 11-30-2014

Dee Bell & Marcos Silva Trio