Monthly Archives: January 2015

The Big Jangle 01-02-2015

The Big Jangle

Andre Thierry & Zydeco Magic 01-03-2015
Bad Ass Boots 01-04-2015

Bad Ass Boots

Singer-Songwriter Series: Lauralee Brown 01-06-2015
Pro Blues Jam: The King is in Town 01-07-2015
Eric Wiley 01-08-2015

Eric Wiley

Rodney Gregory’s Simply Amazing Band 01-09-2015
Terrie Odabi 01-10-2015

Terrie Odabi

Daria 01-11-2015


Pro Blues Jam: Hitsville, USA 01-14-2015
Feat Prints 01-15-2015

Feat Prints

Miles Schon Band 01-16-2015

Miles Schon Band

Will Russ Band: Tribute to Sam Cooke 01-17-2015
Charlie Thomas Lindley 01-18-2015

Charlie Thomas Lindley

Gabe Diamond Band

West coast Songwriters Competition 01-20-2015
Pro Blues Jam: 2 Year Fenix Jam Anniversary 01-21-2015
RuMoRs 01-22-2015


Fenix Anniversary with Freddy Clarke & Wobbly World 01-23-2015
Papa’s Bag: a James Brown Experience 01-24-2015
Pamela Rose & Glenn Walters in “When a Man Loves a Woman” 01-25-2015
Singer-Songwriter Series: Patrick Campell 01-27-2015
Pro Blues Jam: Ladies Night Dance Party 01-28-2015
Last Call Troubadours: CD Release Party 01-29-2015
Tasche: A Soul Experience 01-30-2015

Tasche: A Soul Experience

Pilar 01-31-2015