Monthly Archives: February 2015

Cindy Alexander 02-01-2015

Cindy Alexander

West Coast Songwriters Competition 02-03-2015
Pro Blues Jam: New Orleans Celebration 02-04-2015
Soul Mechanix 02-05-2015

Soul Mechanix

The 415s 02-06-2015

The 415s

Silver Moon Big Band 02-07-2015
Bob Tatum Student Showcase 02-08-2015

Bob Tatum Student Showcase

Pro Blues Jam: Best R&B Love Songs 02-11-2015
Darrell Edwards’ Heavy Weather Band 02-12-2015
Rhythmtown-Jive: Mardi Gras Mambofest 02-13-2015
Valentine’s Day: “All You Need is Love” with The Sun Kings 02-14-2015
Farzad Arjmand 02-15-2015

Farzad Arjmand

Fat Tuesday Celebration with The Pulsators 02-17-2015
Pro Blues Jam: Memphis with Special Guests 02-18-2015
Twice As Good 2XG 02-19-2015

Twice As Good 2XG

Volker Strifler Band 02-20-2015

Volker Strifler Band

House of Floyd 02-21-2015

House of Floyd

Greg Johnson & Glass Brick Boulevard feat. Carlos Reyes: CD Release Party 02-22-2015
Singer-Songwriter Series: Billy D 02-24-2015
Pro Blues Jam: Ladies Night Dance Party 02-25-2015
Lost Dog Found 02-26-2015

Lost Dog Found

Rue ’66 02-27-2015

Rue ’66