Monthly Archives: April 2015

Pro Blues Jam: B.B. King Night 04-01-2015
Nate Lopez Trio 04-02-2015

Nate Lopez Trio

Tracy Blackman 04-03-2015

Tracy Blackman

Revolver 04-04-2015


Melissa Morgan 04-05-2015

Melissa Morgan

West Coast Songwriters Competition 04-07-2015
Pro Blues Jam: Terrie Odabi 04-08-2015
Led Kaapana & Mike Kaawa 04-09-2015
Caminos Flamencos 04-12-2015

Caminos Flamencos

Pro Blues Jam: James Brown Tribute with Derek Evans 04-15-2015
The Department of Rock 04-16-2015
The Van Animals with Cosmo’s Factory 04-17-2015
The Unauthorized Rolling Stones 04-18-2015
Charity Goodin & Del Sol 04-19-2015
Singer-Songwriter Series: Billy D 04-21-2015
Pro Blues Jam: Earthy Blues 04-22-2015
Buck Nickels and Loose Change with Windshield Cowboys 04-23-2015
Salvador Santana 04-24-2015

Salvador Santana

Aja Vu and Stealin’ Chicago 04-25-2015

Aja Vu and Stealin’ Chicago

Gypsy Soul 04-26-2015

Gypsy Soul

Redwood High Music Showcase 04-27-2015
Singer-Songwriter Series: Adam Traum 04-28-2015
Pro Blues Jam: Ladies Night Shake Your Boom Boom! 04-29-2015
Tom Rhodes 04-30-2015

Tom Rhodes