Monthly Archives: May 2015

The Cheeseballs 05-01-2015

The Cheeseballs

Heavy Traffic: A Tribute to Traffic 05-03-2015
West Coast Songwriters Competition 05-05-2015
Pro Blues Jam: T-Bone Walker Tribute with Tal Morris 05-06-2015
Winterland 05-07-2015


Mojo Rising 05-08-2015

Mojo Rising

The 85’s 05-09-2015

The 85’s

Mother’s Day Show: George Cole’s Tribute to Nat King Cole 05-10-2015
Pro Blues Jam: Rhythm & Blues with Takezo 05-13-2015
Heartless: A Tribute to Heart 05-14-2015
Freddy Clarke & Wobbly World 05-15-2015
The Reed Fromer Band 05-16-2015

The Reed Fromer Band

Marin Community Music School Showcase 05-17-2015
Kayla Gold Vocal Student Showcase 05-19-2015
Pro Blues Jam: Nancy Wright 05-20-2015
Bruce Brymer’s Rockit Science 05-21-2015
PaPa’S BaG: A James Brown Experience 05-22-2015
Zeppelin Live 05-23-2015

Zeppelin Live

‘Til Dawn & DangerAte: Baseball Buddy Benefit Concert 05-24-2015
A Night of Classical Music: Stratos Quartet 05-26-2015
Pro Blues Jam: Ladies Night Voodoo Down 05-27-2015
Tia Carroll: Birthday Celebration 05-28-2015
Lionel Burns & The Maze Experience 05-29-2015
Miles Schon Band 05-30-2015

Miles Schon Band

Stephanie Teel Band: CD Release Party 05-31-2015