Monthly Archives: June 2015

Adrianne Serna’s Student Showcase 06-02-2015
Pro Blues Jam: British Invasion with Miles Schon 06-03-2015
Hunter and The Dirty Jacks 06-04-2015
Stefanie Keys Band 06-05-2015

Stefanie Keys Band

James Henry & Hands On Fire 06-06-2015
Firewheel 06-07-2015


Pro Blues Jam: Chicago Blues 06-10-2015
Eric Wiley 06-11-2015

Eric Wiley

Julius Meléndez & Son del Solar 06-12-2015
Fleetwood Mask 06-13-2015

Fleetwood Mask

Nzuri Soul Band 06-14-2015

Nzuri Soul Band

West Coast Songwriters Competition 06-16-2015
Pro Blues Jam: Craig Caffall 06-17-2015
Back N Black with Ann Halen 06-18-2015
Frank Bey & Anthony Paule 06-19-2015
Terrie Odabi 06-20-2015

Terrie Odabi

Tara Linda & The Rumor Mill 06-21-2015
A Night of Classical Music: Marin Chamber Players 06-23-2015
Pro Blues Jam: Ladies Night Motown Grooves 06-24-2015
Urban Outlaws 06-25-2015

Urban Outlaws

The 415s 06-26-2015

The 415s

Silver Moon Big Band 06-27-2015
Domestic Harmony 06-28-2015

Domestic Harmony

A Night of Acoustic Music: Tao Theory 06-30-2015