Monthly Archives: October 2015

Stax City 10-01-2015

Stax City

Drew Harrison: In the Spirit of Lennon 10-02-2015
IrieFuse 10-03-2015


Daria and Her Trio: Strawberry Fields Forever 10-04-2015
West Coast Songwriters Competition 10-06-2015
Pro Blues Jam: Texas Blues with Keith Crossan 10-07-2015
Bruce Guynn & Big Rain 10-08-2015

Bruce Guynn & Big Rain

Zeppelin Live 10-10-2015

Zeppelin Live

Pro Blues Jam: St. Louis Blues Chuck Berry Tribute 10-14-2015
Jeff Oster 10-15-2015

Jeff Oster

Zydeco Flames 10-16-2015

Zydeco Flames

Fleetwood Mask 10-17-2015

Fleetwood Mask

Sherie Julianne 10-18-2015

Sherie Julianne

A Night of Classical Music: Paul Smith 10-20-2015
Pro Blues Jam: Chicago Blues with Alvon Johnson 10-21-2015
Miracle Mule 10-22-2015

Miracle Mule

BJV and Dirty Cello 10-23-2015
Rue ’66: 5th Anniversary Show 10-24-2015
Domestic Harmony 10-25-2015

Domestic Harmony

A Night of Acoustic Music: Foxes In The Henhouse 10-27-2015
Pro Blues Jam: Thriller Jam 10-28-2015
Pamela Parker & The Kings 10-29-2015
The Overcommitments 10-30-2015
80s Halloween Bash: “Back in Time” with SuperHuey 10-31-2015