Monthly Archives: April 2016

Wayne “Guitar” Sanders 04-01-2016
Lionel Burns: Frankie Beverly Tribute 04-02-2016
Lehcats with Norbert Stachel 04-03-2016
West Coast Songwriters Competition 04-05-2016
Pro Blues Jam: Billie Holiday Tribute with Tiffany Austin 04-06-2016
The Reverend Shawn Amos 04-07-2016
Salvador Santana 04-08-2016
The Best Intentions 04-09-2016
Nikita Germaine: Salute to Ella & Sarah 04-10-2016
House Band feat. Michael Warren & Larry Vann 04-13-2016
The 4 Inch Studs 04-15-2016

The 4 Inch Studs

The Pulsators

James Henry & Hands on Fire 04-16-2016
Farzad Arjmand 04-17-2016

Farzad Arjmand

Greg Johnson’s Jazzy Jam 04-19-2016
Two of Us 04-21-2016

Two of Us

The 415s 04-22-2016

The 415s

Revolver: Tribute to Crosby, Stills & Nash 04-23-2016
Fog Swamp 04-24-2016

Fog Swamp

A Night of Classical Music: Caroluna 04-26-2016
House Band feat. Michael Warren & Larry Vann 04-27-2016
Good Karma 04-28-2016

Good Karma

Tribute Masters Greg Ballad Presents A Tribute to Chaka Khan 04-29-2016
PaPa’S BaG: A James Brown Experience 04-30-2016