Monthly Archives: November 2016

West Coast Songwriters Competition 11-01-2016
Pro Blues Jam with The SoulShine Blues Band 11-02-2016
Miles Ahead Group 11-03-2016

Miles Ahead Group

The 415s 11-04-2016

The 415s

Masterpiece 11-05-2016


Pro Blues Jam with The MarInfidels 11-09-2016
Hollis Peach 11-10-2016

Hollis Peach

Intimate Dinner Series: Fenix Presents Keith Washington 11-12-2016
Sherie Julianne & The John R. Burr Trio 11-13-2016
An Evening of Acoustic Music with Caroluna 11-15-2016
Rue ’66 11-19-2016

Rue ’66

Rory Snyder’s Night Jazz Band 11-20-2016
French Oak Gypsy Band 11-22-2016
Pro Blues Jam with The Dallis Craft Band 11-23-2016
Miles Schon Band 11-25-2016

Miles Schon Band

Greg Ballad Presents: A Tribute to Luther Vandross 11-26-2016
“Jingles with JetBlacq” 11-27-2016

“Jingles with JetBlacq”

Chime Travelers 11-29-2016

Chime Travelers

Pro Blues Jam with Roharpo the Bluesman 11-30-2016