Monthly Archives: January 2017

West Coast Songwriters Competition 01-03-2017
Pro Blues Jam with The Bobby Young Project 01-04-2017
Soul Mechanix 01-05-2017

Soul Mechanix

James Moseley Band 01-06-2017
Stefanie Keys Band 01-07-2017

Stefanie Keys Band

Muriel Anderson: “Wonderlust” 01-08-2017
Songwriters Showcase with Sara Rodenburg, Amber Snider, & Chris Hanlin 01-10-2017
Pro Blues Jam with Dallis Craft 01-11-2017
Deep Blue Jam 01-12-2017

Deep Blue Jam

Eric Wiley Band 01-13-2017

Eric Wiley Band

Danny Click & the Hell Yeahs! “6 Years of the Hell Yeahs! It’s a Hell-iversary!” 01-14-2017
Room of Voices 01-15-2017

Room of Voices

Tao Theory 01-17-2017

Tao Theory

Pro Blues Jam with Dave Matthews Blues Band 01-18-2017
The Madmen 01-19-2017

The Madmen

Soul Power: Tribute to Tower of Power 01-20-2017
Yolandra Rhodes 01-22-2017

Yolandra Rhodes

A Night of Acoustic Music with Billy D, Niko Jet, Kim Margolis, & Michael Weiss 01-24-2017
Fenix Anniversary Bash: Pro Blues Jam with the Fenix Band 01-25-2017
Alan Hall’s Ratatet 01-26-2017

Alan Hall’s Ratatet

Sara Laine 01-27-2017

Sara Laine

Silver Moon Band 01-28-2017

Silver Moon Band

The Novelists 01-29-2017

The Novelists

Peter Anastos & Iter 01-31-2017