A dynamic brew of Latin Jazz, Funk, and Brazilian rhythms.

Mistura Fina is made up of some of the San Francisco Bay Area’s finest jazz musicians. With its heavy influence of Brazilian and Afro Caribbean Rhythms, a traditional West Coast Latin Jazz sound is always at the core of the ensemble. Guitarist/composer Ray Obiedo formed the group in 2007 to further explore his love of Latin music. His compositions for the group are drawn from many musical influences, including contemporary Jazz and Funk as well as other music genres. Mistura Fina works with a wonderfully rich array of textures and colors, melding together all of its musical elements for a delightfully distinct Bay Area flavor. Band members include: Ray Obiedo, guitar, Sandy Cressman, vocals, Phil Hawkins, steel pans, Alex Murzyn, sax, Bob Karty, keyboards, David Belove, bass, Phil Thompson, drums, and Derek Rolando, percussion.