Ancient Future

Formed in 1978, Ancient Future is the world’s longest running band dedicated to the creation of World Fusion music.

Billboard magazine called the group “trendsetters” for their contributions to the World Fusion movementa term that Ancient Future leader,Matthew Montfort, coined at the band’s inception. With Montfort on scalloped fretboard and fretless guitars, Vishal Nagar on tabla, and Mariah Parker on santur, India Currents magazine describes them as “play[ing] with technical brilliance and gypsy-like fire,” demonstrating the “beneficial influence of Indian music upon world culture.”

Over the years, Ancient future has expanded their musical vision by collaborating with master musicians from over two dozen countries and musical traditions. They have released seven full-length albums—Visions of a Peaceful Planet, Natural Rhythms, Quiet Fire, Dreamchaser, World Without Walls, Asian Fusion, and Planet Passionand sold over 150,000 copies.