Andre Thierry: Creole United Festival Pre-Party

With a French-Creole heritage deeply rooted in Louisiana, Grammy-nominated Andre Thierry has been captivating musicians and music lovers alike since he was a toddler. He was encouraged to play the accordion by his Pa-Pa, Houston Pete, and the late, great “King of Zydeco” Clifton Chenier at the age of three. After receiving his first accordion from Zydeco musician Billy Wilson, Thierry taught himself to play by listening to Chenier’s music.

Andre Thierry and his band perform both soulful, traditional slow dances and booming kinetic grooves that build off of Thierry’s love and respect for his family traditions. As an exceptional multidimensional musician with a finely honed ability to merge traditional Southwest Louisiana music with Hip Hop, Blues, Jazz, and Rock—a genre he calls Alternative Creole—Thierry has created a unique sound that still remains true to the past.