Detroit Disciples

Rebel Fagen once said, “On the surface, rock appears terribly simplistic unless it has soul. Then it becomes church music that can touch you where you live. If you can’t bleed for it, you don’t mean it.”

Since 1985, the Detroit Disciples have indeed staked a reputation as a band with a keen ear for songwriting—living and bleeding the rock-river roots they share with the likes of Mitch Ryder, Los Lobos, and Steve Earle, the Mystix, and A Band of Heathens. Band members Ian McMurray, Paul ‘Bloom’ Burke, Tom Miller, Marke ‘Jellyroll’ Burgstahler, Rich Smith, and Cynde Burgstahler have collectively played with industry veterans Gregg Allman, Eddie Money, Alvin Youngblood Hart, and Jimmy Hall. And the band has caught the attention of many a discerning fan: Chuck Eddy of the Village Voice, who added the band to his Eddytor’s Dozen in 2006. “Bordertown” from their first album, Stare Down the Dog, received impressive rotation on Santa Rosa’s KRSH. “I Won’t Complain,” “Heartbreak Station,” and “Cinderella Shoes,” from their 2005 release Saving Grace can be heard on internet stations as far away as ZRO in Belgium.