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Born and raised in Berkeley, California, D.Lynn began singing as a child. He was inspired to consider singing as a career when at the tender age of 8 he heard Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 for the first time. Soon after, he began leading songs in the Junior choir at Mt.Zion Missionary Baptist Church of Berkeley Ca. However he got his first true exposure to the stage when at age 16 he learned to play the guitar and became a musician and background singer in his Fathers Gospel quartet The “Zionaires” . D.Lynn by this time was heavily influenced by many R&B, Gospel, and Jazz artist but the artist that had the most influence on him was Mr. Marvin Gaye. In 2007D.Lynn teamed with his brother Samuelle who is the lead singer of “Club Noveau”. The two of them formed a duo and called themselves “Secrecy”. The two produced a CD called “Love seasons”.

When you listen to “Love Seasons” you are able to witness D.Lynn’s prolific song writing ability as well as his silky vocal ability.

So in the vein of Marvin Gaye, D.Lynn is the ultimate in smooth. Each melody, like Marvin, he seeks to mesmerize his listener by taking them on a romantic journey that leads to an oasis of plush indulgence.

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