Founded by guitarist Freddy Clarke, Wobbly World is a revolving door of musicians and singers who encompass the sounds of Africa, Bulgaria, China, Cuba, Denmark, Iran, Morocco, Netherlands, Pakistan, Paraguay, Syria, Viet Nam and the US for a bold and brave celebration of international musical synergy. Each player brings musical tradition, yet the music flows and soars with a deep sense of cohesion. We all know that our environment is tenuous, international politics are fragile; it’s a truly a wobbly world, but these musicians have made something strong, dynamic, and beautiful in response.

Born in Fresno, California, Freddy Clarke studied classical guitar at San Francisco State University with Rani Cochran and privately with Narcisso Yepes, Rey De La Torre, and Leo Brower. Igor Stravinski and John Cage are two influences that have helped shape his vision. Stravinski for his creative approach to unusual instrumental combinations and sonorities, and John Cage for his fascination with random events superseding preconceived notions, allowing freedom of expression through improvisation. No composition is ever “finished”. Clarke comes from a technically sound gene pool. His father built 50 flamenco and classical guitars, the first one being his favorite and most used on his solo recordings. His mother, Peal Clarke, is an exceptional singer specializing in Mexican folk songs. They recorded an album together titled Recuerdos De Mi Mama. Freddy’s solo performances and original compositions have likened him to “Segovia on acid,” “The Kenny G of flamenco guitar” and “Smashing Pumpkins meets Gypsy Kings.”