Gwendolyn “Queen Hollywood” Burton

Gwendolyn “Queen Hollywood” Burton grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area music scene. She began her music career at the age of 5 years old at Double Rock Baptist Church in the Choir and Chorus. Gwendolyn has worked with an impressive list of Bay Area musical heavyweights including the “Parliaments”,-“Gregory Thomas” The Legendary Blues Hall of Fame “Guitar Mac” & “Marshall Wilkinson” “Gary Mendoza” Music Director of The Whispers “Grady Wilkins” Music Director of Bobby Brown “Larry” Gwendolyn Burton as grace the stage with the Iconic Legendary Delfonics Revue featuring Greg Hill currently with Eric Young of Con Funk Shun.
Gwendolyn Burton is currently in the 2017 This Special Edition Summer Issue of THE HUB Magazine.