Searching for a musical counterpart, Canadian singer/lyricist Cilette Swann traveled to Europe exploring her Celtic roots. After a few years of singing in Parisian jazz clubs, her longing took her to Edinburgh, Scotland where she met world-class musician and producer, Roman Morykit.

Within a few months, the pair bonded spiritually, musically and romantically, forging the path for their marriage and prolific musical partnership. The duo has since recorded ten albums and one live concert DVD from Triple Door in Seattle.

With half a million miles and countless US and abroad performances under their belts, these esteemed artists have sold over 120,000 albums on their own label, Off The Beaten Track Recordings. Their latest release, The World Is My Country, has recently earned Top Album, Editor’s Pick in Pop and Rock, and Staff Pick at CD Baby.

In addition to their 1.5 million downloads, Gypsy Soul’s music has aired over 100 times in films and TV shows such as Providence, Felicity, and Roswell. They’ve won numerous artist and songwriting awards, most notably the 2013 Independent Music Awards, Lilith Fair, and Just Plain Folks. With more than 60 Critic’s Choice features in papers nationwide, it’s no surprise most of Gypsy Soul’s performances are sold-out. From 200 to 2000 seat theaters, Gypsy Soul leaves an indelible impression. They’ve also earned a Top 40 A/C hit with their song, “Silent Tears” and have had charting success on Folk radio. Most recently, their music has aired in global rotation at Starbucks, on the “90210” sountrack and has had airings on the BBC-UK.