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A collaborative ensemble featuring guitarist and vocalist Dylan Squires, bassist Danny Vitali, drummer Michael Pinkham, guitarist Ethan Okamura, and organist Phil Ferlino. Their sound is a retrospective blend of improvised Blues, Jazz, Funk, and Soul featuring original songs and covers.

Dylan Squires
Dylan cut his musical teeth in the blues clubs of the Midwest before moving to California to enhance his sound with funk and jazz. His singing and guitar playing is reminiscent of soulful roots artists of the ’50s and ’60s, while portraying the progressive feel of his new-found fusion.

Danny Vitali
From Austin, TX to Minneapolis, MN, to California’s Bay Area, Danny Vitali has been writing and performing music in a myriad of ensembles and genres over the past decade. Aside from being an integral part of his local community’s art and music programming, he currently plays a variety of instruments in several West Marin bands. In High Tide Collective, Danny lays down the bottom end with a style that tips its hat to the psychedelic blues, rock n’ roll, and Motown of the ‘60s and ’70s. His experimental film photography and hand-drawn rock posters also provide content for the band’s promotional art and design.

Ethan Okamura
Ethan’s guitar playing role in High Tide Collective is as a foil to Dylan Squires’ more traditional blues styling. His playing often leans toward country and folk while retaining the authentic, greasy, funky vibe the band calls home. He is also a founding member and principal songwriter for This Old Earthquake. As a solo artist his music is licensed liberally by shows on several television networks.

Michael Pinkham
Michael has performed rigorously with countless acts for the past two decades. From the east coast and westward, he continues to wow audiences with his percussive prowess. Michael has performed with the likes of Joan Baez, The Oakland Symphony, Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, The San Francisco Mime Troupe, Frank London, Charming Hostess, Beso Negro, and Diego’s Umbrella.

Phil Ferlino
Hailing from rural Allentown, Pennsylvania, Ferlino was steeped in classical training at an early age. With a penchant for adventure, he studied independently, learning the lingo and forms in jazz and music theory. Phil says, “After developing a vocabulary with the instrument, it becomes possible to communicate feelings and emotions through that vehicle.”

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