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It’s a Beautiful Day are famous for their song “White Bird,” a melancholy ballad that stood out not only for its memorable vocal melody and “seize the day” message, but also for front man David Laflamme’s violin work. Multiple albums were laced with classic cuts such as “Hot Summer Day,” “Bombay Calling,” “Girl With No Eyes,” “Wasted Union Blues,” “Time Is,” “Dolphins,” “Misery Loves Company,” and many more you’ll remember. Today the band performs the music of It’s A Beautiful Day along with newer material, moving effortlessly from folk and ethereal jazz to psychedelic and straight up rock & roll.

With 40 years of performance history, David LaFlamme reminisces about San Francisco’s Summer of Love days. The current band boasts the longest continuous lineup of 8 years with 4 of the 6 original members. David LaFlamme (violin and vocals), Linda

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