Blue Bayou & Urban Outlaws

By September 15, 2016 Country, Pop, Rock No Comments

Jaquelynn Herrera is the kind of performer with the presence to stop you dead in your tracks and command you to take notice. Her dynamic voice, incredible dance moves and sassy attitude combine to create a powerful and sexy stage persona with the energy to leave you breathless.

Originally from Mountain View , California , Jaque is a born entertainer. She has released five albums (two in Spanish), and performed across the country as a featured act and alongside some of music’s greatest talents such as John Lee Hooker, Lacy J. Dalton, Jerry Reed, Jorge Santana, Malo, Pepe Aguilar y La Familia, and Rocio Dulcar.

In addition to her solo work as Jaque Lynn, she has recorded and performed with her younger sister Elena Renee as The Herrera Sisters. She has found work as a session/demo singer in Nashville as well as at home in the San Francisco Bay Area.

She regularly performs with some of the Bay Area’s top party bands and entertainers including:
Tainted Love, The Cheeseballs, Full Motion, Black Market Jazz Orchestra, Lovefool, The Girlz with a Z, Encore, BustaGroove, Night Fever, Fred Ross Project, Notorious, Livewire, Pop Rocks, Wonderbread 5 – and now Radar Love!

Avid sports fans have enjoyed hearing her perform the National Anthem at games and events for everyone from the Golden State Warriors, San Jose Sharks and San Jose Giants, to The Livermore National Rodeo, and Rowell Ranch Rodeo.

Jaque is an energetic singer and dancer with an absolutely unforgettable voice that belies her petite frame. You will remember her!