Jesse Brewster

By September 30, 2016 Country, Folk, Rock No Comments

Jesse Brewster spent the first decade of his childhood with his mom living in ten different naturalist households between Humboldt County, CA and Hawaii. He didn’t have a phone or electricity until he was ten years old. Because of this, music was always a part of Brewster’s life. In middle school, Brewster moved to Berkeley, and modern music flooded his ears. He went from exclusively The Eagles, Willie Nelson, Bob Marley, Neil Young, Bonnie Raitt, The Beatles, and The Stones to Guns N’ Roses and the hubris of the Beastie Boys. What came of it was an entangling of those two worlds.

Jesse became an accomplished guitarist, spending time supporting the work of other artists. All the while he was quietly generating a songwriting talent. The catalyst to move center stage was an effort to raise awareness and funds for the Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) Foundation. Jesse and his brother were both afflicted with PKD, and Jim succumbed to the disease in 1998. These experiences fueled the inspiration behind Brewster’s debut album, Confessional, which featured “One Reason,” a song dedicated to his brother Jim. Brewster continues to organize events and perform on behalf of the foundation while maintaining a busy touring schedule on the left coast.

His newest album, March of Tracks, features elements of folk, country, classic and southern rock, soul, and even the occasional hint of Latin rhythms. Fast or slow, heavy or soft, there’s an infectious pull in Brewster’s songwriting that is impossible to ignore.