JJ & The Dark Room Band with Duncan Faure

“At Studio D, Jaffe has earned a stellar reputation as an engineer and producer over three decades. With this album, he may at long last come out of the control room and get some much-deserved recognition as a recording artist in his own right.” – Paul Liberatore (Marin Independent Journal)

After producing and recording hundreds of musicians over 30 years in his Studio D, Jaffe has released a solo album, Dark Room. Jaffe wrote all 13 songs on Dark Room, utilizing his vast experience in classic rock, funk, blues and modern pop. Liberatore frames Dark Room as a “at long last” type of release with the intention and execution that comes from that sort of artistic gestation, Jaffe is practically a one-man band on the Beatles-esque, Indian-influenced “Precious Love,” singing lead and background vocals, programming the drums and playing bass and guitars.”