Lee Vilensky Trio

Upon visiting Lee Velinsky’s site the viewer is immediately greeted with a disclaimer, rather than an actual biography or life narrative. This is a bold choice, but as you read the all-caps typeface, it’s one that seems to be in congruence with Vilensky’s daring character and POV.

He opens with “Sometimes words just get in the way…I don’t like words in music any more than I like a stranger telling me their medical history while waiting for the bus…My favorite songs have always been instrumental…music that evokes a scene, sound as a prelude to action and movement.” Vilensky continues to say that he started an all-instrumental trio to highlight the indefinable groove and feel of sound rather than letting that sound suffer imposed lyrical symbolism and the “unpredictable behavior and generally unsavory appearance, hygiene and habits of most vocalists.”

The trio is comprised of Vilensky on guitar, Jamie Lease on drums, and Bill Macbeath on bass. Together, members have been a part of bands The Bill Nayer Show, Pearl Harbour, Thee Hellhounds, Swingin’ Johnsons, Alvin Youngblood Hart, and Carlos Guitarlos.