Monica Pasqual & The Handsome Brunettes with Amie Penwell

After thirteen years of playing, recording, and touring, the band, Blame Sally, decided it might be time to take a creative hiatus. The last thing that pianist and songwriter Monica Pasqual expected was to find herself spearheading a new project, but she met cellist Josh McClain and found it necessary to start anew. A recent transplant from the greater Chicago area, Josh McClain “wields his cello like a post-impressionists brush.” Together, Pasqual and McClain create a big, emotionally complex sound rich in dynamics that moves easily from quiet fragility to unrestrained propulsion. Monica’s lyrics run the gambit from intense introspection to incisive social commentary, from lush romanticism to clear-eyed scrutiny. The two of them are often joined by percussionist Pam Delgado and guitarist Velvy Appleton. Pasqual is the winner of 6 Emmy Awards and several Independent Music Awards.