Morris LeGrande

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Growing up in Oakland, California LeGrande discovered that music had a profound impact on him. He would hear music and begin singing, dancing and playing “air” instruments. “I remember hanging out in the 60’s, listening to the neighborhood garage bands rehearse and being completely blown away by six or seven people coming together to make one sound. It was then…I knew I had to be a musician”. The desire to play and produce was also fueled by growing up in Church, the place where some of the best singers and musicians of our time have originated. Playing drums for twelve years in church placed a sense of rhythm in LeGrande that can be heard in his guitar playing today. Known for his steady grooves and tasty solos, LeGrande has developed into one of the premier players in the Northern California region.

Morris LeGrande continues the climb to national prominence as an artist and producer. The silky smooth texture of his music wins over smooth jazz audiences across the country.

“Music is the gift that God has given to me to communicate with the masses. I believe there is always someone that I connect with through what I’m expressing musically. After all, music is the only true universal language and being able to speak musically and be understood, definitely is a good thing.” – Morris LeGrande