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Olivia Gonzales-Cruz has mesmerized audiences with her unbelievable magic dance and contagious character. In fact, she was born in San Diego California and raised in Guadalajara Mexico . But it is not just the dance that made Olivia Gonzalez-Cruz so great, but also her songwriting and choreography prowess. Capturing the hearts of everyone who sees her perform, Olivia Gonzalez-Cruz dances with the flowing ease of a serpent, twisting and arching her body as she turns with such speed and perfection, driven by what appears to be an almost animalistic instinct. What she expresses in her dance, however, can not be learned. The fury coupled with grace, the elegance combined with earthy passion, her ease with the mantón (flamenco shawl) “the way it floats through the air like a bird in flight”; these qualities come from her soul.

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