Post Big Game Party with Pellejo Seco

By February 5, 2017 Latin, Salsa, World 3 Comments

Heralded as the next Buena Vista Social Club, Pellejo Seco deliver a charming, joyous reinvention of Cuban Son music. Their songs are sexy, rhythmic, and romantic. And what stands out the most about this band is that they genuinely have: “La Alegria del Guajiro” – which translates as, “The joyous sentiment of an ‘Islander’.” It’s a particularly Latin kind of lively spirit that originates from the festive atmosphere of music in the Caribbean islands.

Ivan Camblor, the tresero, composer, and founder of Pellejo Seco, and former leader of Cuba’s Son group Tembache, humbly considers Pellejo Seco a musical experiment, in that it combines traditional Cuban Son with the cultural feeling of San Francisco. Pellejo Seco skillfully blends strands of various musical genres—from blues, rock, and jazz, to flamenco and hip-hop—with the unmistakable sound of Cuban Son and the yearning melodies of the Cuban troubadour. Critics have lauded Pellejo Seco, in particular after they performed to sold-out crowds opening up for Latin jazz great Chuchito Valdés at the Mission’s Brava Theater in January.