“Pilar Sings”

Pilar is an electrifying performer and a superb vocalist who, according to industry veteran Fred Catero, ”can take any word, phrase, sentence and evoke emotion through her interpretation.” Her musical style reveals influences from R&B, Jazz, and Latin.

Pilar was born into a family of American expatriates who relocated to Cuernavaca, Mexico. During her childhood, she lived in Guadalajara, Los Angeles, and Mexico City. At fifteen, she moved to San Francisco and began her career as a professional singer-songwriter. With drive, intention, and pure raw talent, she quickly gained a devoted following. Beyond her personal touring and performance, Pilar opened Elephant Rock Studios, a vocal studio in which musicians train at approximately 7,500 feet above sea level. When asked what the draw of a high-altitude studio is, she said, “there is nothing like singing in the vastness of nature and the vortex of these mountains.”