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For Rachel, writing her first song was like opening a present. And as odd and misshapen as the little thing was, she was enchanted. She persevered, and wrote a dozen more songs, all with the same sense of awe and delight, but with increasing savvy. By the end of her last year at Harvard, she was putting on concerts in the common rooms of dorms that drew hundreds of people.

While New England’s still, long winters and muddy, welcoming springs will always be the North Star of Rachel’s sensory relationship to the world, upon graduating she challenged herself with a move across the country to California’s Bay Area, whose varied music scene has served as her creative cocoon and catalyst for growth ever since. She has recorded four albums, working with the best musicians, and has established herself as having the most rare and precious quality of a unique artistic voice. She has a fresh sound that lives distinctly in the vein of singer-songwriter but with both unabashed Jazz and classical sensibilities.

Rachel’s latest release, a four-song EP, Angel No More, is her most exciting to date. She convened with one of her best music friends, producer Jon Evans, to create a more direct and robust sound space for her ever-ethereal voice, words, melodies, and harmonies. With contributions from drummer Matthias Bossi and vocal producer Julie Wolf, among others, the tracks offer not just her most distilled songwriting and expressive performance, but also a backdrop of absolutely topnotch musicianship. Angel No More has been played on over 45 radio stations across the U.S. and beyond, and favorably reviewed by such venues as Pop Culture Classics.

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