San Francisco Medicine Ball

San Francisco Medicine Ball is a Bay Area ensemble featuring a revolving lineup of eclectic, all-star entertainers led by David Sturdevant. Known for his unique pairings of award-winning multi-instrumentalists and first class vocalists, David delivers danceable Americana, Jazz and R&B hits nightly without ever losing touch with a band that started playing for tips on the streets of San Francisco in Union Square and along Fisherman’s Wharf. The Medicine Ball performs across the Bay and around the world, uniting audiences from all walks and interests with feel-good music infused with the heart and soul of New Orleans.

The Medicine Ball is modular, adapting to venues grand and small and serving them and their audiences well. The group allows for a seamless transition from big stages, like the Guadalupe River Park & Gardens in San Jose to the more intimate, cool evening seaside restaurants, cafes and clubs of San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland and Sausalito. Never one to get comfortable, eager to mix and match on the fly, David changes the lineup as often as the band crosses Bay Area bridges – one night it’s the blazing saxes of Ylonda Nickell and Richard Howell with longtime pal, trombonist and vocalist John Hunt. The next night David brings in vocalist and keyboardist extraordinaire Janice Maxie Reid, Blues Hall of Fame drummer/vocalist Larry Vann and Oakland’s own Terrie Odabi. Always just one phone call away, David invites Grammy Award-winning violinist Mads Tolling and singer/songwriter Crystal Monee Hall, Chelle Jacques and Valeriana Quevedo for dancing room-only shows all over the bay.