Tazmanian Devils

One of the most exciting, original, and well-known Bay Area bands of the 80s, the Tazmanian Devils are still performing at top clubs and festivals during short reunion tours. The group is known for their energetic blend of R&B, Rock, Reggae, and Gospel-inspired music.

Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Dennis Hogan has a vocal style that’s reminiscent of the great Sam Cooke. Lead guitarist Dave Carlson’s masterful playing, deeply rooted in these styles, includes a loving embrace of “the San Francisco” sound of the 60s. The band’s tight rhythm section, bassist and vocalist Duane Van Dieman and drummer Barry Lowenthal, are both longtime Bay Area music veterans who complete the band with their solid, driving grooves.

These legendary Bay Area rockers originated in Marin County, CA, erupting on the club scene back in the late 70s. Working their way up from small clubs, they developed a large, loyal following of devoted fans, affectionately known as “Tazmaniacs,” and who still bring their enthusiasm to the band’s live shows. Releasing two Warner Brothers LPs, The Tazmanian Devils and Broadway Hi-Life during the early 80s, they’ve also been voted Bay Area club kings and have won the coveted BAMMY (Bay Area Music Magazine) Award.