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The Rhythm Rangers are a seven-piece band that cover the range of American Roots music. Blues, Rock, Country, and Western Swing are just some of the genres they play.

“I think of us as America’s Jukebox,” says bandleader Kevin Russell. “We cover all the bases. If you want to dance, we’re the band for you. We play family friendly music that’ll put a smile on your face.”

Part of their success is due to the many years of experience the band members have collectively.

“We’ve all played in many, many bands and logged thousands of hours in the studio, doing live gigs, and touring,” Russell continues.

Their first CD, Not Out of the Woods Yet, was released in July 2008 and features versions of songs by Johnny Cash, Bob Wills, Jon Randall, Tim O’Brien, and others. Not Out of the Woods Yet was nominated for a GRAMMY in 2008.

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