Tim Weed

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Tim Weed was a 16-year-old surfer in Southern California when he broke out as a banjo-playing prodigy and embarked on a lifelong courtship with the banjo. His journey began with Bluegrass. At 17, he co-developed the bluegrass group Last Chance, which went on to launch the careers of Grammy-winning artists Stuart Duncan and Alison Brown.

Weed and his banjo proved to be nomadic travelers, traversing the world, and taking in musical influences along the way. He soaked up styles from India, Tibet, South America, and the classical composers of Europe. Tim has produced over 100 albums, performed for the Dalai Lama, and has been featured on National Public Radio for his release Milagros, a collection of elegant classical pieces, performed solo on the 5-string banjo. “We popped the CD into the player and I almost drove off the road,” recalled Mike Kropp of Banjo Newsletter. “The sound coming out of the speakers was amazing.”

Weed’s latest release, Soul House, is a collection of heartfelt arrangements with accompaniment from Dana Rath, Debbie Daly, Mark Robertson-Tessi, Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, Blaine Sprouse, Tobias Roberson, Myra Joy, and Steve Brock. Soul House features mandolins, cello, fiddle, mandola, percussion, banjo, kora, and harmonium—a bit of the world, on stage, for you.