Toulouse Engelhardt and Teja Gerken

Called “The New Guitar God” by LA Weekly, Toulouse Engelhardt has made a reputation for his lightning fast guitar styling and colorful, cinematic melodies. Engelhardt has achieved a level of cult status and was the last original member of the Takoma Seven, the highly celebrated innovators of finger-style steel string guitar that recorded for Takoma Records from 1959 to 1976.

Engelhardt’s music is entirely about craftsmanship. Each track is arranged for six and twelve-string acoustic guitars, Mosrite electric guitar, and ensemble. Furthermore, every song is penned in his writing style, the tone poem—an impressionistic, cinematic technique used by only a handful of composers around the world. It has been referenced as a combination of Americana, acoustic blues, ragtime, and the wet surf sounds of the early 1960’s.