Tribe of The Red Horse – Neil Young Tribute

Tribe of The Red Horse delivers the guitar tone, harmonies, and raw energy that Neil Young and Crazy Horse are known for.

According to lead singer and guitarist Wayne Whitzell, “We don’t play dress up. We play Rock & Roll.” Since forming in Summer 2011, Red Horse has performed at well-known venues like Sacramento Music Festival, Miner’s Foundry, Sutter Creek Theater—all the while steadily growing a fan base.

When asked about the influx of cover bands and what differentiates him from the pack, Whitzell responded, “There are a lot of Neil Young tribute bands that have a guy dressed up like Neil with a wig on or sideburns, ripped jeans and a warbly voice who looks the part, but when it comes time for the music and the tone and the solos, it just falls off a cliff…I feel confident that if Neil were ever to stumble upon us or see us, I would hope he would realize we’re not doing this to imitate him to make a buck—we’re doing this out of love and respect to celebrate him and his music.”