Victoria George is a confident mid-career singer-songwriter that has cemented her musical intentions and sound. She comes from a creative lineage and has a background in theater, so it’s not surprising that she commands the stage much like Allison Krauss or Bonnie Raitt. Victoria is among those artists that check their ego at the door and create honest narratives. She has worked in and outside of Nashville’s finest publishing houses and shared bills with Brandi Carlile, The Doobie Brothers, Steve Earle, Delta Rae, and other industry names.

Since she has never fit into San Francisco or Nashville stereotypes, Victoria was put in a position to cultivate something entirely her own, a sound soul and unique. She writes stormy love songs and drinking tunes that twist into existential introversion. Definitive tracks like “Letters” and “Tables Are Turning” showcase her street-philosopher or casual sage point of view. If you listen intently enough, you will be privy to that lyrically chaotic and beautiful spiral.