The Best in Sound

Imagine a sound system caressing your senses whether you are sitting at a table at the Fenix enjoying spectacular food and drinks, or in your home. We want everyone to enjoy what 150 will see live at the Fenix Club. Our hope is to bring state-of-the-art technology connecting the musicians to you during every show through our internet Live Feed.

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Production Studio

Infused with Acoustic Genius

John Storyk
How do you create the perfect interior acoustic design to match a superior sound system? John Storyk, of Walters-Storyk Design Group, acoustic design genius of the Jazz at Lincoln Center New York, joined the Fenix Project in 2011 to craft a remarkable experience for our listeners.


John’s vision was to design the same experience at the Fenix for a celebrity musician and their audience that they would enjoy in a music auditorium. At Fenix, we embrace the science of sound, and invite you to see it for yourself. More >
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Midas Digital Console

Pure perfection: A sound system that integrates the best in audio equipment.
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EAW Speaker System

Everyone in the music industry knows no system is complete without great sound.
Live Feed

Live Feed

Live performances are recorded and video captured to stream onto the internet in real-time. Connect >